plaster- treatment chair Proceed

Gipsstoel- behandelstoel - GIpstafel Proceed

Made by, and specifically meant for the plaster technician. This new Plaster chair Proceed has been developed in close cooperation with professionals with decades of experience. With a ton of knowledge about plastering and needed positions, we innovated the new plaster chair Proceed.



Easy- to use

Treatment chair/ Plaster chair Proceed

A lot of plaster technicians have been struggling for years and years with the same problem. Large plaster tables in often small rooms which don’t offer all the needed positions. It happens a lot that patient are seated on a stool next to the plaster table, which even takes more space in total.

With the new plaster chair Proceed we have solved this problem. Instead of a table, we have made a chair which can be used as a table. The Proceed is a plaster chair with a lot of possibilities, to secure like 95% of all needed positions.

The plaster chair Proceed has been developed in close cooperation with plaster professionals. This means the development is done with a lot of practical information, which contributes to improving healthcare for both patient and healthcare professional!

Comfort and easy to use

The plaster chair Proceed is characteristic for its comfort, compactness and easy-to use system:

  • Comfort by the delivery of comfortable cushions and an easy get in and get out position
  • Compactness by its model
  • Easy to use; it is not needed to have a technical training or whatsoever.

With the plaster chair Proceed the plaster technician can focus on the healthcare, with a supportive role for the plaster chair Proceed.


The plaster chair Proceed offers the following positions for an optimal treatment:

  • High- low adjustment
  • tilt adjustment
  • back section adjustment
  • Adjustable leg rests
  • Extendable leg rests
  • Adjustable arm rests
  • Extendable arm rests



Article numbers

20.001.01 Plaster Chair Proceed

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