Strategic partnership with Cazander medical

Cazander Medical and TechniCare are joining forces. As of 1 January 2018 Cazander Medical will be the exclusive distributor of the Mobilyzer™ in the Netherlands and Belgium.



“The partnership came very naturally”, Arjan van de Voorde, CEO of TechniCare explains. “TechniCare develops and manufactures the products. We were looking for a sales partner with a philosophy similar to TechniCare’s. Cazander Medical is as a distributor of medical equipment an active player in the market and represents a wide range of great innovate products.”  According to Joan Cazander, CEO of Cazander Medical, “the Mobilyzer™ fits right in. Every product in our selection really needs to add value to the client’s experiences.”

The philosophies of Cazander Medical and TechniCare fit together seamlessly. Both companies avoid offering mere standard solutions, but instead create innovative ideas that match the specific needs of the hospital or nursing home. That’s why TechniCare delivers customized products, specifically adapted to fit the client’s situation.


The Mobilyzer™ is one of TechniCare’s unique designs and merges an IV pole and a mobility aid into one product. “We believe that medical equipment should always contribute to the patient’s recovery process and the nursing staff’s working environment”, says Richard van de Voorde, sales manager at TechniCare. “The majority of the IV poles currently used in hospitals do not meet these requirements at all”.


TechniCare’s mission is to contribute to the development of the medical sector. To achieve this mission TechniCare develops technical innovations, focused on healthcare. Since TechniCare  develops and manufactures their own products, they deliver custom-made solutions.

Cazander Medical

Cazander Medical focuses on the healthcare in hospitals, nursing homes and private clinics in Belgium and The Netherlands. Cazander Medical is a total supplier for buying parties. The product range consists of a great variety of investment products and consumables, customized to the client’s needs. The product range is realised through exclusive agreements with domestic and foreign suppliers. Quality and user-friendliness are Cazander Medical’s top priorities!

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