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Once somebody needs to be taken care of, his or her life sometimes changes drastically. They become dependent on others, and often need to stay in a hospital or nursing home. Innovative medical equipment can improve the well-being of the patient, nursing and medical staff. Also on a maternity ward, innovative equipment is of great importance, for it can help to optimize the experiences of mother and child. TechniCare is specialized in the development and manufacturing of innovative medical equipment.

productie volledig in eigen beheer

It All Started in the Garage..

TechniCare is founded in 2000. It started with a turning and milling machine in the garage of CEO Arjan van de Voorde. In the beginning, most of the time was spent machining metals and synthetics. The demand increased, so an expansion of the production area to create a larger production capacity was necessary. They moved to a new location that also included office space and a large production area in Ridderkerk. Technicare’s focus shifted to the development and manufacturing of medical equipment. The company established a good position in the sector and the development and production teams have expanded significantly since. The innovative healthcare products are designed and manufactured in Ridderkerk, but used all over the BeNeLux!

Customized Products 

The healthcare equipment we offer has always been developed through close cooperation with healthcare institutions. We deliver customized solutions of excellent quality. Not mere standard productions, but adapted to the hospital’s specific needs. This increases the quality of the healthcare significantly, both for the patient as well as for the nursing staff. Since so many healthcare institutions have developed their own work methods, mere basic equipment is no longer enough. Together we can developed customized solutions. One of the key qualities of TechniCare is that we always develop our products ourselves, in close cooperation with the user as well as the professional. The manufacturing of the products also happens in-house. The direct contact with the client guarantees a personal cooperation.

Innovative Healthcare Products

Nascentia Delivery and Recovery Bed

TechniCare has developed a number of innovative healthcare products by now. In close cooperation with the Onze Lieve Vrouwe Gasthuis in Amsterdam the Nascentia delivery bed has been developed. The Nascentia bed combines two different kind of beds: the delivery bed and the recovery bed. The pregnant woman no longer needs to change beds after the delivery and can stay in the same room. Designed with a keen eye for the comfort of both the mother and the nursing staff.

bevalbed nascentia technicare

Mobilyzer IV Pole and Walking Aid

Another great innovative product designed by TechniCare is the Mobilyzer. It is a fusion of the IV pole and a walking aid, and can be equipped with  various kinds of medical products. The Mobilyzer is characterized by the unique design of its frame and base. The five wheels offer the patient maximum stability and mobility, and these qualities are essential during the recovery process.

Mobilyzer infuuspaal en loophulp

The TechniCare staff would like to inform you about these and our other innovative healthcare products. We have a wide range of unique medical equipment. Curious at what TechniCare could offer you? Do not hesitate to contact us, we’d love to help you!

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